Meet the team

Dr. Johannes Trück

Group leader

Johannes is a clinician scientist splitting laboratory-based research and clinical work at the University Children’s Hospital Zurich as the Swiss national centre for primary immunodeficiencies and stem cell transplantation. In his clinical role, he is caring for patients with primary immunodeficiency and those following HSCT. His present research is translational and aims to interrogate key elements of immune competence in children with inborn and acquired immune defects. The ultimate aim of his research is to identify robust markers reflecting immune function, which in turn will have a direct impact on clinical patient management.

Dr. Jacob Galson


Jacob is a postdoc with expertise in immunology and bioinformatics. He conducted the initial development work for the B cell repertoire pipelines. He splits his time between working at the Trück lab, and Kymab ltd.

Marie Graichy

PhD student

Marie is a PhD student in immunology and bioinformatics working in the Trück lab. Her current research focuses on analysing B cell repertoire in patients with immunodeficiency disorders. The project combines experimental (wet-lab) and computational approaches.

Valentin von Niederhäusern

Lab technician

Valentin is a research technician in the Trück lab. With a focus on wet-lab, he is currently working on sequencing library preparation for the analysis of B cell repertoire in patients with immunodeficiency disorders.